Eat To Not Get Hungry

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New Bill here … One of my tricks to keep me happily cruising down the Road Back From Heart Attack, is not letting me get hungry whilst I’m out bustling around my world.  Straying away from the right food when you’re away from the home hearth can be too tempting if you get hungry out there.
Snack Bag-3David_Carradine_as_Caine_in_Kung_Fu

So Ta-DA for tip #10 (still working on 1-9) … carry a Kung Fu snack bag.  Are you old enough to remember David Carradine as Caine in the Kung Fu series?  Remember that pouch of Ninja food he always traveled with?  Well, that’s me now, except I don’t wear it slung across my shouldSnack Bag-5er.  I drop it in my tote bag, camera bag, or Julie’s bag and I’m ready for the road.  I used a Tupperware-type thing until we came across this Snack Time sandwich bag thing.  It’s soft sided and not as clunky to carry around as the Tupperware and it’s still washable.   I’m on the lookout for a handmade, genuine buffalo or mountain lion hide replacement like David’s, but this one is working pretty well for now.


Snack Bag-6

The point is, be equipped to supplement yourself with the good for you stuff when you are away from the controlled environment of your own galley.  That salad at the restaurant–a bit too skimpy and nothing else on the page we’re eating?  Pop a couple of cashews and maybe one of the coconut date squares and you just stayed between the lines and we’re still happy, content RBFHA travelers.

Bill’s Kung Fu Pouch (I’m a bit of a squirrel so you might go leaner):

  • Almonds (raw and roasted, no salt)Snack Bag-4
  • Cashews (raw and roasted, no salt)
  • Brazil nuts
  • A few dates
  • A few dried Turkish figs*
  • Dried Mango
  • Dried Papaya
  • Sometimes a little Ziploc of pumpkin seeds

*If you like Fig Newtons, then give these a whirl. They’re ugly and missing the bready Newton part, but delicious.



The Snack Time bag in the pictures is made from recycled materials, and free of BPA, phthalate, PVC and lead.  They’re machine washable and have worked great for me so far.  Julie found them in a pack of 3 at Amazon:   ChicoBag Recycled PET Baggies Snack and Sandwich Reusable Bags, Pack of 3


3 thoughts on “Eat To Not Get Hungry

  1. That is a great tip, Bill and Julie. I’ve been enjoying your posts. You have some great recipes and ideas that are good for us all. Keep up the good work.

    1. They ARE great snack bags! Actually the one he’s using is maroon and not pink like it appears in the pics. It’s big enough to hold a sandwich, or you can fold it down as he does.

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