“Food Should Make You Want to Dance!”

That line passed by as closed captioned text on the Food Network Channel today while I was sweating my heart rate up on the elliptical.  I stopped on that channel, captivated by the chef sauteing crisp apples and beautiful leeks, and I watched as she scooped out bright orange acorn squash and mashed it with roasted garlic.  She returned the squash to the shell and spooned the leek/apple mixture on top.  It looked delicious–though swimming with too much butter for my taste and I would have sauteed the leeks and apples in coconut or olive oil… but I digress.

Bananas tango“Food should make you want to dance!”  Dancing … well yes, maybe.  It does make us feel good and more energized when we’ve eaten something healthy and delicious.   It puts a spring in our step!  When we’ve eaten something that isn’t so healthy that sits heavy on our tummies, making us feel a bit lethargic–we just want to sit out the next song.  Or maybe take a little nap.

And all this brings to mind an old adage (or at the very least a Bill-ism I’ve often heard him say):  “Will this give me pleasure or bring me happiness?”  Food for thought and a good question the next time we’re debating whether or not to eat something that maybe is not so good for our hearts or waistline.

Hmmm… I wonder if I can talk Bill into taking Zumba classes?

 “And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.”

~ from the song recorded by Lee Ann Womack, written by Mark D. Sanders and Tia Sillers

2 thoughts on ““Food Should Make You Want to Dance!”

  1. What a perfect way to say such a truth. I was just thinking this today when I ate something doughy and then felt sluggish. Then I had a healthy, nutritious dinner and now I feel so much better.

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