Honey Mustard Broccoli Salad with Beluga Lentils

Honey Mustard Broccoli SaladHoney Mustard Broccoli Salad with Beluga Lentils

When it’s easy to put together, light yet satisfying and delicious, plus heart healthy it’s a keeper!   And the baked sweet potato makes a perfect side.  As our diet has ventured away from the routine of a sandwich for lunch to healthier choices filled with lots of whole, unprocessed foods, this salad is perfect and one I make often!  It’s also great for a light dinner.

3 types of lentils
Photo by Justinc, CC BY 2.0

Lentils, the superfood, provide twice as much iron as other legumes and are higher in most B vitamins and folate.  They’re also a good source of protein and cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber.  Another super thing about black beluga lentils, according to the USDA, is that their black pigment acts like an antioxidant so they help protect against heart disease, cancer and aging.

Black beluga lentils get their name from the caviar they resemble.  They cook quickly, hold their shape well and retain a nice firm texture making them ideal for salads, pilafs as well as soups.  Before cooking, rinse them thoroughly under cold water until the water runs clear.

Tip:  French green “du Puy” lentils are similar in size and texture which make them a good substitute for black beluga lentils.


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  1. This looks so good, I would give just about anything for a plate of it to arrive at my desk right now. If I had lentils soaked I would make this the second I got home.

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