Can You Fix a Broken Heart?

It’s quite exciting to get the reins back and feel the empowerment of regaining control!

We’ll tell you about where we’ve been, what we’ve learned and what we’re still learning!  And how all of these things have stopped Bill’s heart disease in its tracks and how he’s progressing from here.  And maybe a bit about what all this is doing for me!  We’ll share his progress, healthy recipes, tips we learn and anything else that might help us all in this journey.

And listen, it’s not just about restoring you and me from an event.  It’s about you dodging the stent/bypass/stroke pile-up along the way if that hasn’t happened yet, and avoiding or reversing the aches/pains/stiffness and general maladies typically chalked up to just getting older.  This is about putting us back in the game and keeping us there and enjoying the heck out of it!  We had an old uncle who refused to be a “poor old critter” … “Nobody’s got time for poor ol’ critters” he often said.  He was right!  And this is turning out to be so much better, so much more fun and a way-way better way.

Let’s start at … THE BEGINNING


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