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Compromise and Golden Milk

Killing two birds with one stone ~ or ~ stop eating in the middle of the night!

It has been a major goal of mine for a very long time–and believe me, I’ve tried everything … or so I thought.

Actor holding cross from the Night Stalker Since I’ve known Bill he’s been a “night stalker,” though not the kind that solves supernatural mysteries.  No.  He’s the kind that crawls out of bed in the night, turns on the television, and then rummages around looking for something to eat–ideally something crunchy (his nemesis), and I’m not talking celery or carrots!

Jokingly, he says this night apparition is not him at all and therefore he is not to be blamed.  He says it’s some other guy over which he has no control and he is not responsible for his actions.  That guy is really annoying.

Doctor Kracker Seeded Spelt Crispbreads fixitplan
4g Protein, 2g Fiber, 0g Sugar

After Bill’s heart event, he fortunately gave up the middle of the night crunchy snacks (which is synonymous with “highly processed” MOST of the time).  Usually he indulges in a banana (sometimes with nut butter) or a couple of clementines.  Yet sometimes I’ll see evidence of snacking on albeit healthy whole grain spelt crackers and nut butter, which makes me scowl a little in the morning, but he’ll say he had a bad night or a bad dream or just couldn’t sleep.



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