Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

Traveling to see distant family and friends during the holidays, we were touched by the care everyone showed to make sure Bill ate heart healthy! — potentially challenging since he (and me!) are still eating mostly plant-based and are now also wheat free.

Butter beans and field peas from Uncle Ernest’s garden, a hearty bean soup made especially for Bill at my sister’s home, along with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables everywhere we went kept us well fed.  I carried along plenty of fresh baked Sylvia’s Ozark Cornbread making sure I had enough to share.  (I’m pretty sure I converted some Jiffy cornbread eaters to this heartier bread along the way.)

Everyone’s thoughtfulness gave the holidays an extra-special warmth and feelings of being loved.  What could be nicer than that? 

Holl and GaryLate one cold and windy afternoon, we arrived at the home of our friends Holly and Gary,  just in time for me to help Holly finish preparing this recipe she was making especially for Bill.  She’d gotten it from her sister-in-law during her own holiday travels, and it is from Two Peas & Their Pod’s blog.  Quick and easy to prepare, full of beans and vegetables, with just the right amount of spiciness, it seems an ideal recipe to help with New Year’s resolutions or for just a comforting meal on a chilly night.  We really liked the quinoa in it!  And bonus, along with the beans the quinoa gives it an extra protein punch!

Two Peas says “Meat lovers and vegetarians will love this chili!”

Quinoa Chili bowl



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9 thoughts on “Vegetarian Quinoa Chili

  1. Looks like a fabulous recipe, found it on Pinterest and I can’t wait to try it tonight. Read your story, I think it’s great what you two are doing and I wish you all the best of luck!

    1. Ariana I love it when someone stumbles on this site through a recipe, and finds it interesting enough to stay awhile and see what it’s all about! Thanks so much for you kind words and good wishes! Hope you like the chili tonight. It’s a repeats at our house tomorrow night for dinner with friends.

  2. Julie….I tried your recipe for the Veggie Chili tonight and it was really really fabulous. Have lots leftover for tomorrow afternoon guests! Thank you so very much for sharing. One point of interest is perhaps in future recipes you can add to use tomatoes without the sodium and sugar. Fantastic recipe. Thank you, thank you!

    1. Hi Beverly I’m glad you liked the Chili! And you’re right about using “no salt added” canned tomatoes. I like the organic Muir Glenn, which also has no added sugar.

  3. Can’t wait to try this chili. But I have to wonder why you went to so much trouble to set up a beautiful photo, but didn’t wipe the edge of the bowl.

    1. Well, it wasn’t actually a “setup” but was a snapshot Bill took of my bowl before I ate it that night at my friends’ home. 🙂 Hope you like the chili!

  4. YEAH! You now have a great print function! Perfect to go with the cornbread when we watch the Eagles game tonight 😉 Thanks for another great one Julie!!

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